(Version 1.4)
Windows based indian language solution for corporate.
(Version 1.4)

MS-Windows Interface

This software is an interface using Windows as a platform to facilitate letter writing including circulars, preparing tables, presentations and graphs etc.

Supported Softwares

APS Corporate 2000 supports Ms-Office (Word, Excel, Power Point), Lotus Smart Suite, Foxpro, PageMaker, CorelDraw etc.

Movable & Sizeable Desktop Bar

Always on top desktop bar which can be placed anywhere on the screen and can be resized as per the need. Any APS utility can be invoked from this bar.


This package allows sorting of bilingual data (from spreadsheets, tables etc.) mainly viz. names, addresses, cities, etc.
ISCII Compatibility
Using this package you can import/export APS Corporate 2000 text files to ISCII format.

Bilingual E-mail Facility

Bilingual e-mail can be send to any user irrespective of any bilingual software present at the receiver’s end.

Chitragupt Word Processor

Bilingual Word Processor with support for Transliteration.


This utility provides a bilingual typing way using mouse in any application window.


Package comes with the utility, which provides facility to convert other vendors Windows (Akshar, Shabda Ratna, Akruti, ISCII) text files to APS Corporate 2000 text files and vice a versa. This is compatible with .rtf, .txt and unicode text files.

Language Toggle Switch

On line toggle switch is provided to change the script. This is a very convenient method resulting in maintaining the speed of the operator.

Multiple Keyboard Layout

12 keyboard layouts commonly used or required by the like Godrej, Remington, Akshar, Prakashak, Shabda Ratna, DOE etc. are available.

Anglonagri Keyboard Layout

A special keyboard layout based on English pronunciation and the way one writes Indian scripts is also available.

Format Conversion Wizard

Text import filter for files prepared in DOS based text editors like Akshar, Shabda Ratna, Modular, Script, Devyani, Prakashak, LE etc.

Aesthetic Bilingual Font Library

Mast readable text, Bold and aesthetic Devnagari-English, Gujrati-English fonts for on-line usage. It includes 10 font families and 2 Border fonts.

Spell -check

Chitragupt provides built in spell-check utility for Devnagari text.
Rajbhasha and Raksha shabdawali
Complete Rajbhasha and Raksha Shabdavali with a powerful search engine for easy access and a user friendly interface for searching and copying Devanagari data to other applications.


A unique feature to enter text in Devnagari with a facility for a English typist to type in English as he spells it. This will generate appropriate Devnagari text which can be ported to desired destination.

APS Tools

Most of the famous APS features are now available with MS-Office (Spell check, Sorting, Dictionary, Conversion and some more usefull utilities are available with MS-Word. Spellcheck, Sorting and conversion in Excel)